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Meet the Maker

Coleen Stevenson

So I've started the Meet the Maker project over on Instagram and Facebook and thought it would be a good idea to pop it on here. One day late but the 1st of March was about 'You'.  I don't really post much on social media about me personally in general and I'm pretty pants at it but I thought I would give it a go. My favorite brands and companies are the ones you can see the real people behind it, and see them actually working so I know how nice it is to actually see the person. I love nothing more than seeing the person who has made my jumper or necklace out walking their wee dog, or at their kids birthday party or whatever it is they do. It helps me really connect with the brand and is part of the reason why I love handmade things and smaller business. So here is my chat...

My name’s Coleen and I’m the face behind Quincy. I create our range of silk scarves and clutch bags! I studied Fashion Design at Heriot Watt in the Scottish Borders and currently live in a wee village just outside Edinburgh. This photo is from a recent trip I took with my fiancé to Iceland. I love to travel and the photographs we take inspire the prints I design onto our digitally printed silk scarves. Each of my scarves tells a story of the wonderful places we’ve been!