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Logo Refresh

Coleen Stevenson

A brand's logo is one of the most important things when starting up a business. It has to be special, distinguishable and relevant to the brand. I came up with the Quincy logo very easily. 'Quincy' is already quite a quirky and interesting word so I just had to pick a font. The wee globe represent the influence the world has had on the designs. My print's have been inspired by images taken from my travels so I thought it was only relevant to have that included. I wanted to keep it fresh and simple so it would never go out of style and hopefully become synonymous with the brand. 

Recently it's been given a refresh. Nothing too different just finished off a little more professionally and just more stylish. I was given a few different styles and still can't really choose which one I think is the best! They're all just ever so slightly different from each but I don't want to get it wrong!  

Get in touch and let me know what you think!