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Meet the Maker

Coleen Stevenson

So I've started the Meet the Maker project over on Instagram and Facebook and thought it would be a good idea to pop it on here. One day late but the 1st of March was about 'You'.  I don't really post much on social media about me personally in general and I'm pretty pants at it but I thought I would give it a go. My favorite brands and companies are the ones you can see the real people behind it, and see them actually working so I know how nice it is to actually see the person. I love nothing more than seeing the person who has made my jumper or necklace out walking their wee dog, or at their kids birthday party or whatever it is they do. It helps me really connect with the brand and is part of the reason why I love handmade things and smaller business. So here is my chat...

My name’s Coleen and I’m the face behind Quincy. I create our range of silk scarves and clutch bags! I studied Fashion Design at Heriot Watt in the Scottish Borders and currently live in a wee village just outside Edinburgh. This photo is from a recent trip I took with my fiancé to Iceland. I love to travel and the photographs we take inspire the prints I design onto our digitally printed silk scarves. Each of my scarves tells a story of the wonderful places we’ve been! 



Coleen Stevenson

So it's been a bit quiet over here at Quincy. We moved into our beaut new house a few months ago and have been so busy getting settled in and everything sorted. We finally got the studio set up and I'm so excited to have a good space to create and push Quincy further. It's a new year (only in the second month) and a new studio. I want to engage with you more and really raise our profile! We've got lots of plans for this year and are really feeling motivated so keep an eye on us and look out for great new things.

Studio 2.jpg

New Studio!

Coleen Stevenson

We have been a little quiet over here at Quincy because we have finally moved house!!! We have found the most amazing house and have been getting moved and all settled in. New house can only mean one thing for Quincy and that's a new studio! It's going to take some time but we will hopefully get it up and running very shortly and start creating more amazing designs. In the mean time 'The City' is still available from our online shop and from our new online stockist Head on over to take a look and treat yourself!

New studio.jpg

The City collection is live!

Coleen Stevenson

That's the new collection up and running! I hope everyone loves it as much as we do! The photographs turned out just amazing! Big thanks to the amazing Ellie Morag for her work. As well as make up artist Kayleigh Brock and of course our model Rosalind! She looks so beautiful and really shows off the scarves superbly! Please let us know what you think of the new collection!

The City

Coleen Stevenson

The new collection, 'The City' from Quincy will be launching Saturday 29th July 2017. The collection consists of 5 digitally printed silk scarves and 4 smaller silk scarves. Each print was inspired by a photograph taken from different cities around the world. The collection was printed on silk twill fabric by Edinburgh based printers Be Fab Be Creative and hand finished by local manufacturer, Leith based Kalopsia Collective. I'm very excited to share this collection with you as it's a step away from the original Quincy scarf and bringing in new colours and patterns. 

The City, New York

Photoshoot 2017

Coleen Stevenson

During the week I had Quincy's latest photoshoot with the fab Ellie Morag. I'm not going to share too many just yet, just a couple sneak peaks! The new collection consists of a variety of silk scarves and head scarves in various different patterns. The patterns have been inspired by different cities I've traveled to around the world. 

Rosalind modeled the scarves beautifully with hair and make up being done by Kayleigh Brock. The setting of the shoot was down by the water at Leith which gave the shoot a good natural feel. I can't wait to get the final images and show you all! 

Logo Refresh

Coleen Stevenson

A brand's logo is one of the most important things when starting up a business. It has to be special, distinguishable and relevant to the brand. I came up with the Quincy logo very easily. 'Quincy' is already quite a quirky and interesting word so I just had to pick a font. The wee globe represent the influence the world has had on the designs. My print's have been inspired by images taken from my travels so I thought it was only relevant to have that included. I wanted to keep it fresh and simple so it would never go out of style and hopefully become synonymous with the brand. 

Recently it's been given a refresh. Nothing too different just finished off a little more professionally and just more stylish. I was given a few different styles and still can't really choose which one I think is the best! They're all just ever so slightly different from each but I don't want to get it wrong!  

Get in touch and let me know what you think! 

Fabric Delivery!

Coleen Stevenson

The fabric for the new collection has arrived and it's beaut! The ladies at Be Fab always do such a great job and their customer service is amazing. They are always so lovely and helpful. I can't wait to start finishing off the final product and share them with everyone!

I've used images from my travels to various different cities and used the colours to create different striped patterns. The colours are striking and bring out the beauty and vibrancy of all the places.

Work in Progress...

Coleen Stevenson

So, things have been pretty busy here at Quincy, I’ve been busy working on the new collection and it will be ready in the next month or so! I can’t wait to share it with you guys.

I’ve been working with the lovely ladies at Be Fab Be Creative digital printing studio in Leith to get the images printed on beautiful silk twill fabric. All parts of the design and manufacturing process will now be done in Scotland. All packaging and labeling will be sourced in Britain. I want to create a luxurious collection that’s unique and special.

Here's a sneak peak at the first design. I'm in love with the bright orange colours. It will look beaut on any outfit and very summery! 

New Collection!

Coleen Stevenson

I've been working on a new collection of silk scarves recently. Something striped, colourful and fun. The prints are inspired by some of the photographs myself and fiance have taken on our trips together.

We've also been playing with the idea of selling our photographs as beautiful small prints. Something to bright up a room and bring a small piece of the world into your home or office.

We've been lucky enough to see some amazing places and want to share our experiences with you guys.

Here's a sneak peak of what will be available from our online shop soon.

The Scottish Highlands

Coleen Stevenson

This weekend Quincy took a wee trip to the Scottish Highlands. We've been to many places in the world but haven't ventured very far in our own country! We took a road trip to Oban via Glencoe then over the water to The Isle of Mull for the day. The scenery was just stunning. Some of the views were unreal and we couldn't believe they were in our own country and we had never seen them before! 


Common Market

Coleen Stevenson

‘Common Market is an online marketplace for local manufacturers and producers in Scotland. It is a trading arm of Common Weal Ltd to help further meet our aim of social and economic equality within Scotland. The online marketplace boosts and promotes local and independent manufacture, while also demonstrating that alternative and sustainable retail models can exist and thrive to boost local community economies.’


Common Market launches Monday 14th November with so many brilliant local manufacturers. This is just another amazing community of creative’s trying to boost and promote local and independent brands. You can find Quincy products on here with more of our fabulous scarves available very soon! Head over to the website and show your support for local businesses! 


Coleen Stevenson

Waiting for fabric is very frustrating. I can't wait for the new fabric designs to arrive so I can make more of our lovely scarves. In the mean time I've been experimenting with new products and came up with this stylish and practical card holder. With the Quincy logo hand stamped onto the front you can hold your bank cards, store cards or business cards nice and easy. 

The Scottish Design Exchange!

Coleen Stevenson


Quincy has been involved in the Scottish Design Exchange for a few months now. It's the only shop that stocks Quincy! We got off to a really good start, selling out of our scarves in 3 months! Only downside was they sold out faster than anticipated and we still haven't got more in! It's a learning process as Quincy is still fairly young. We were unprepared for such success! We are currently waiting on fabric samples with a couple new designs that we can't wait to share with you. We will have more scarves in time for Christmas because they would be a lovely gift for anyone!


The Studio!

Coleen Stevenson

So this week Quincy has got it's very own wee studio. With help from the sister, the studio has been painted and re organised and ready to produce more of our beaut accessories.